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Casey Spooner Hairstyle Question

I'm really a bit baffled by this certain hair style for some freakin ass reason.

As most of you know, The hair style he has in the Sweetness Video, Parts of it are extensions, but is all of his hair his own hair, or is it all a wig ? or is just part of it a wig, I have been looking up all kinds of pictures of this stlye I guess, I'm little more confused because I don't know when they are taken and so forth.

But to sum this up, the reason I'm asking this is because I was planning on getting my hair styled that way and I'm wanting to know this because, I'm not exactly sure if I can, if its totally wig, or thats its just not possible.

That and I was wondering if anyone had alot of pictures of that particular hair style as well.

please help.

I'm sure it would also help if some of you have been to lives, I have yet to get a chance to.
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