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Casey Spooner Hairstyle Question

I'm really a bit baffled by this certain hair style for some freakin ass reason.

As most of you know, The hair style he has in the Sweetness Video, Parts of it are extensions, but is all of his hair his own hair, or is it all a wig ? or is just part of it a wig, I have been looking up all kinds of pictures of this stlye I guess, I'm little more confused because I don't know when they are taken and so forth.

But to sum this up, the reason I'm asking this is because I was planning on getting my hair styled that way and I'm wanting to know this because, I'm not exactly sure if I can, if its totally wig, or thats its just not possible.

That and I was wondering if anyone had alot of pictures of that particular hair style as well.

please help.

I'm sure it would also help if some of you have been to lives, I have yet to get a chance to.
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I am guessing you are talking about the pink spikes that shoot from the right side of Casey's head in the video?
The pink/red part is his hair.
The black is like... feather extensions.
He's constantly changing his hairstyles.
Well, he was anyway.
I had the hardest time figuring that out but I know the exact look you are refering too from the sweetness video. I have determined, after much input and review of the video and fotos...
The pink/red part is his hair that is shaved in an odd spikey manner. The black things could be hair extensions but the closest that I could find in any store is feathers or plastic tubes. Hair extensions is the easiest explanation th0.
thank you ^_^
all the pink hair is HIS hair, cut specially with a pair of clippers.
the nape of the neck and the sides of the face are sheared to zig zag points.

the black hair is a "fall", ie. a false hair piece... think of a false pony tail, or hair extensions that people use to fill in their hair or to replace it (much like a wig). it's a piece that can be wax/glue or attached to the hair (done by a hair specialist) or braided in (also by a specialist).

look at this image for example. http://fs4ever.com/img/casey4.jpg

the pink is his hair. the black stuff are falls and feathers.

here is him sitting in the makeup chair.

photo from above, seeing the back of his head.

Thanks So Much! ^_^