hidden shine (ex_hidden_sh617) wrote in fischerspooner,
hidden shine

[ Fischerspooner in Moscow ]

I took some photographs last night, hope you'll enjoy 'em.
the show was gorgeously thrilling!

if you want to use these photographs for free on non-commercial websites, please, let me know about it, give a credit to Natalie Urazmetova and provide a link to my LJ

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AAAHH!!! Goodness is that little red outfit freaking hot on him!
Ohmygod. Why wasn't I THEREEEEEEE??!?!?!?!?!11
those pictures are really amazing. where was this concert?
Moscow. Maybe THAT'S why I wasn't there.

Please let me post them at fuckyoucaseyspooner.com? I'll even put your copyright info on the photos for you before posting them... email me groovcat@fuckyoucaseyspooner.com

Who's birthday was it?
Did they sound fabulous?
What was the setlist?
It was their drummer's birthday. (he's on the foto)

They sounds really like no other! There was only some problems with feedback in the beginning. But they made the best and loud show & music i ever seen or heard!

Don't exactly remember the tracklist but there were "the 15th", all hits from odyssey, i enjoyed also "sweetness", of course "emerge" from #1 disk.


12 years ago


12 years ago

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Casey looks so different from one month to the next.
glad you're delighted with the photographs!

Deleted comment

enjoy them!!!
wow, those are amazing pictures.

Those pants are amazing. Almost as amazing as teh photos
thankee so much,
really happy you like them!
Great photos from the greatest concert i've ever saw!
Used and credited in my LJ. Just letting you know :)
thank you muchly!
to be honest this show reminds me about 'The Velvet Goldmine' as well.
Those are amazing!
Mind if I ask what kind of camera you have? (i take photos too and am looking to buy a new cam.)

This concert was in club Gaudi in Moscow. It was really great party that i have ever been! There are some mine fotos
also u can see fotos there http://photofile.ru/users/tuso/albums/genres/22/