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(splendid confusion)

sweetness ♥ [06 Dec 2008|07:23pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

- Sweetness -
by ~AmandaTheStampede on deviantART

a little bit of FS fanart by yours truly. :D it's not freehand though, most of it was traced. my hand isn't that skilled unfortunately. i'd like to do a portrait of casey and/or warren sometime, when i've got a bit of downtime in class.

the background was inked completely by pen, and gold paint for the lettering.

i made it as a gift for my boyfriend.. sweetness is our song, it was also the first FS song i ever heard (i only just discovered them this year-- if only i had known about them back in 04!!).

i love the song more than words can express. it's magical. *fangirls*

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CS on Y&R [18 Apr 2008|08:14pm]

So I am a huge idiot, and I had no idea Casey Spooner was on The Young & the Restless in March until just this week. Of course, I can't find a video of it anywhere online to save my life (the one You Tube link I saw says the videos were removed). Does anyone have this/know where I can see it? I don't even know if he performed or just had a guest appearance or what! Any help is appreciated.

(splendid confusion)

[05 Mar 2008|12:00pm]


PodМосковье club

5 марта в 20:00

презентация музыкального сборника Ё-sound участвуют Даша Велико, Polaroid, SpaceCats

[19 Aug 2007|09:38pm]


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[28 Sep 2006|11:11pm]

Does anyone know where this shirt can be purchased?

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# 1 [06 Mar 2006|02:16pm]

Hi everyone. I'm looking for this album (# 1). Does someone have a link?

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I made a Video for Fischerspooner! [21 Feb 2006|10:51am]

Never Win - Fischerspooner

Video by Legion Entertainment

Legion Entertainment:
Shawn Vincent,
Jimmy Pfeiffer,
Ben Murray,
Tiffany Edwards,
Kem Olmeda,
and Jeff Grabowski.

Special Thanks To:
Tiffany Edwards for using your old apartment;
Jimmy's dad for using his apartment.

Costuming: Tami Grabowski.

Storyboard for the idea: Jimmy Pfeiffer.

Fight choreographer: Shawn Vincent.

Set design, editing, camera, directing, et al.: Ben Murray.

Song: Fischerspooner

This is the first music video I've ever made so I hope you enjoy we put alot work into it.



Ben Murray

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[06 Dec 2005|11:51pm]

Casey Spooner at Miami Art Basel 2005

Always stylish

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Warren Fischer DJ set [03 Nov 2005|04:01pm]


This Friday, November 4, giant, Spaceland and Urb invite you to a special presentation at Avalon featuring a DJ Set by Fischerspooner. Celebrating the launch of http://www.colorola.com/, Warren Fischer of Fischerspooner and Jon Kane take to the main stage with Mirus Love, Shalako and a Tag-Team Set by Urb editors Joshua Glazer and Scott Sterling. Tickets are available here.

This Saturday, November 5 , we welcome the second installment of Ferry Corsten's monthly L.E.F residency at Avalon. Joining Ferry Corsten on the main stage are Deepsky (DJ Set) and David Moses . Those ambrosial Architects of Sounds spin the patio. Tickets for this Saturday and upcoming Avaland Saturdays are available here.


(splendid confusion)

[20 Oct 2005|02:31pm]

I hate to bother all you fine people, but I was sifting through the internets, and came across a new mix of "Never Win", on the Fischerspooner website.

I'm sure it's been up there for quite some time, and as such, I was wondering if anyone has a trasferrable MP3 version of the song.

I can't really remember what Mix it was because I'm in school and the website it blocked, but, if you venture over to the Videos page, it's the first one available.

I have a gmail account, and AIM, so, if anyone has the song, just post it here and I'll post my AIM and email address.

Thank you in advance,

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FS live video [20 Oct 2005|12:23am]

Hi everyone!

Tell me please, have you any of Fischerspooner live video? I mean video, where they play live (songs from Odyssey).

As a small bonus I give you some links with live FS video from Moscow, Russia:
links under cutCollapse )

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You're My Disco [19 Oct 2005|03:45pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Maybe I'm really out of it or something, but I had never heard of the song, "You're My Disco" until my friend sent it to me last night. Do any of you wonderful people have lyrics? I can upload the song if people are interested or whatever.


EDIT: Here is the song in question, but I think its been pretty much established that the song is Waldorf's.

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Casey Spooner Hairstyle Question [18 Oct 2005|02:04am]

[ mood | tired ]

I'm really a bit baffled by this certain hair style for some freakin ass reason.

As most of you know, The hair style he has in the Sweetness Video, Parts of it are extensions, but is all of his hair his own hair, or is it all a wig ? or is just part of it a wig, I have been looking up all kinds of pictures of this stlye I guess, I'm little more confused because I don't know when they are taken and so forth.

But to sum this up, the reason I'm asking this is because I was planning on getting my hair styled that way and I'm wanting to know this because, I'm not exactly sure if I can, if its totally wig, or thats its just not possible.

That and I was wondering if anyone had alot of pictures of that particular hair style as well.

please help.

I'm sure it would also help if some of you have been to lives, I have yet to get a chance to.

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[15 Oct 2005|08:18am]

does anyone have a url for the "15th" so i can use for my myspace background music?

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[ Fischerspooner in Moscow ] [11 Sep 2005|11:10am]


I took some photographs last night, hope you'll enjoy 'em.
the show was gorgeously thrilling!

the provocateurs of unlimited excitementCollapse )

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[08 Sep 2005|11:09pm]

I've seen the post from Russia about FS.
They aren't really very popular here, but such music can't be very popular here for some reasons.

But I wanna say the other thing: this weekend, 10 sept FS will be in Moscow.
This shocked me, it was hard to believe it, but it's true, so it will be intresting night.
I will post some fotos after it.

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[04 Sep 2005|03:56pm]

Fischerspooner - Never Win
For the enjoyment of all, you will need Quicktime however. I will be hopefully making a score of banners and icons from this vid as soon as I lay my hands on a couple programs. More updates on that later. Well anyway, feast upon the brilliance that is Kasey Spooner.


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Hi from Russia :) [04 Sep 2005|12:55pm]

Hello everyone here :)
I'm very glad I found this community. In Russia this project is not very popular, but lately one dance music station has been broadcasting the track "Never Win" (Benassi rmx) and ppl really like it and vote for it, so now it is on the first place of their chart. I got interested in their music and downloaded several more songs and generally liked them. I'm not a fan but I do like their music and must say the guys are really creative and talented ;)

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[02 Aug 2005|08:45pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

just was wondering if anyone had links or knew where of where i can download the "Emerge" filmclip <3

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--- --- --- ---- (feat. ???) [01 Aug 2005|05:19pm]
If you could have FISCHERSPOONER have anyone other musician guest star on track... who would you have be featured?

I would choose the rock bitch Peaches. (Teaches of Peaches and FatherF*cker)

How about you?

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