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You're My Disco

Maybe I'm really out of it or something, but I had never heard of the song, "You're My Disco" until my friend sent it to me last night. Do any of you wonderful people have lyrics? I can upload the song if people are interested or whatever.


EDIT: Here is the song in question, but I think its been pretty much established that the song is Waldorf's.
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you're my disco is a waldorf song, fischerspooner did not create it, or cover it.
Well, I knew that it was at most a cover. I did find evidence (or so I thought) that Fischerspooner did cover the song, but of course I can't find it now. It could have been one of those things where I'm at the end of a chain of misinformed people. Who knows.

So this is Waldorf then?
I would certainly be interested in you uploading/sending me ANY "unreleased" FischerSpooner songs you have.

I have #1 and Oddesy, but, sad to say, that's the extent of my FS collection.

My email, if you use "yousendit.com" is Rez123@gmail.com

My AIM thing is StuPot226.
Have you by chance ever played the game Rez?
Yes. Yes I have.

That is, sad to say, DEFINATLY NOT my favorite game. It IS fun, though.

It reminds me of "Frequency" or "Amplitude" if those names mean anything to you.
Here it is...but it may NOT be FS but Waldorf, so take a listen if you want...
Fuck you, Casey Spooner

This site has everything.
p.s. Nevermind, she took all of it down.


October 20 2005, 01:34:39 UTC 12 years ago

she was *made* to take it all down. :(

it is realy not FS's song, it's Waldorf's.
But there are a lot of mp3 files (especially in P2P) with this wrong title.
Yeah I thought that it might just be titled wrong. I uploaded the file here if you're interested in checking...
That song is definately by Waldorf and not Fischerspooner.
that song is old...